At Dimple's Desks we take your safety seriously and have acted responsibly both before government action and since. We aim to do more than the minimum so we can be part of the solution to getting the country back on track and to help keep all our businesses running smoothly.
Keeping It Clean
We’ve placed a good quality HEPA air purifier in the kitchen which contains a 3-stage filtration system, removing an estimated 90% of virus particles per sweep. The same model air purifier has  been placed in the shared office. 
We have been carrying out a cleaning regime each evening disinfecting shared areas, including shared points of contact (handles etc) and, daily changing bathroom and kitchen towels.
When possible, we now ask everyone to take care of their own washing and drying of plates and mugs. This is to reduce points of contact. We provide a kitchen bleach spray to clean surfaces effectively against the coronavirus.
There are hand sanitiser stations dotted all around the building including in bathrooms and the kitchen. 
Spacing Out
In the kitchen, we have started to remove non essential furniture so we can better space out the dining tables and to allow easier movement around the area. We strongly recommend that no more than two people occupy the kitchen at one time. On the whiteboard we provide clear instructions on how to use the kitchen safely.
In the shared office, we have removed desks to allow a reconfiguration of the space to accommodate two metre distancing between desks.
Protect Others
If anyone has any of the Covid-19 symptoms we will ask them isolate according to government guidelines. They must also notify us immediately so we can notify everyone  who has been in the office. We will then immediately close all shared areas of the building for deep cleaning. In such an event, we anticipate we would re-open approximately 24 hours after closing.